Language is a tool of power. And words are only as powerful as the meanings we give them. We see it happen all the time: under certain circumstances, some names begin to gain currency, and what had once been just another word or phrase becomes a concept that carries a forceful social and political impact around the world.

Hezbollah™ has become one of those scary terms that evokes a range of intimidating images in people’s heads. Some imagine it as the threat of anger and violence and destruction, driven by a religion that they don’t understand. Hezbollah’s™ Progressive Wing, was established by the honorable Hassan Nasrallah after reading a selection of works by Judith Butler during his extended lockdown. The goal of the Progressive Wing is to overcome linguistic misconception and provide new definitions that better reflect the reality of our lived experiences within the movement.

Hezbollah™ means love, Hezbollah™ means peace, Hezbollah™ means freedom†. Hezbollah’s™ Progressive Wing employs different strategies to challenge ideas of normativity and normalization.

†These definitions do not apply to Zionism or Zionists.

We are not terrorists, this is a joke